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UKIP illiteracy

One of the lessons of this election has been the illiteracy of many of UKIP’s candidates.

The literature you distribute is one of the ways you reach those you hope to represent. A failure to spell basic information correctly – you know, like the constituency – risks saying to voters ‘I don’t know your area and don’t even care to pretend to know it’. Similarly, if you can’t communicate coherently with your voters, how can they trust you to be able to communicate clearly on their behalf?

Here are some of the finest examples.

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False Liberals: the appalling collusion of the Liberal Party with UKIP

Earlier this month, the Western Morning News reported that the rag-tag bag of political misfits that constitute the Liberal Party had decided to withdraw candidates in Cornwall and encourage its supporters to back UKIP.

In a disgraceful betrayal of liberal values, the Liberal Party is using the cloak of its anti-European policy to encourage support for a party that is the antithesis of a vibrant, liberal and tolerant Britain.

The remnants of the Liberal Party should be utterly ashamed of themselves and I trust that the Liberator Collective will sever any remaining connections it has with them.

Medical Innovation Bill update 3 – not moved #SaatchiBill

For those concerned about the Medical Innovation Bill being put through the House of Commons without any proper debate or scrutiny, you will be relieved to know that it wasn’t moved at 2.30pm. As this was the last Friday on which Private Member’s Bills could be considered, it will not become law in this Parliament.

Holding your nose to vote Ukip

Meet the Ukippers revealed the genuinely scary side of this nasty bunch.

Huff Post’s All-New UKIP Shipping Forecast

Very funny spoof. Though only very funny if you don’t think too much about it and realise how true much of it is true.

Beastrabban\'s Weblog

The Huffington Post has published another satirical piece on the Kippers. This time it’s the BBC’s Shipping Forecast, describing the weather as announced by UKIP. It’s called ‘Rain, Moderate Or Gay’: Listen To The All-New Ukip Shipping Forecast, and it’s at:


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