False Liberals: the appalling collusion of the Liberal Party with UKIP

Earlier this month, the Western Morning News reported that the rag-tag bag of political misfits that constitute the Liberal Party had decided to withdraw candidates in Cornwall and encourage its supporters to back UKIP.

In a disgraceful betrayal of liberal values, the Liberal Party is using the cloak of its anti-European policy to encourage support for a party that is the antithesis of a vibrant, liberal and tolerant Britain.

The remnants of the Liberal Party should be utterly ashamed of themselves and I trust that the Liberator Collective will sever any remaining connections it has with them.


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4 responses to “False Liberals: the appalling collusion of the Liberal Party with UKIP”

  1. GLEN MANEY says :

    Poor bit of journalism and reposting. The Liberal Party Totally reject the ethos of UKIP sadly the Cornish branch made an unwritten pact and have been both disciplined and had party voting rights taken away. Not that you should let the truth get in the way of attacking a party of ‘misfits’. I’m a party member and almost resigned until I knew the full story. I hate 90% of what UKIP stand for.

  2. GLEN MANEY says :

    Not publishing replies on a subject isn’t a particularly Liberal trait is it?

  3. GLEN MANEY says :

    Still no replies published? I won’t bother trying again and yes you really are a lIBERAL dEMOCRAT. Good luck with the biased reporting a career with Newscorp awaits.

    • Liberal Guerilla says :

      The story that the Liberal Party and UKIP are colluding in Cornwall is entirely true. There is nothing on the Liberal Party website disassociating itself from the Cornish party. Contact details for elected councillors in Cornwall remain on the website as key contacts. You should take up your concerns with your own party.

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